Cider:   Each pressing is unique with 3 or more different varieties of apples that change with the season:  early cider is smooth and mild, mid season cider is spicy and sweet, later cider is nice and sweet.  We make it from a blend of locally grown apples, unpasteurized, no preservatives, additives, or treatments.  Cider is our business.  Sip some cider with us!

Apples:  Each weekend we carry a fresh limited variety of locally grown apples for cooking and eating, bagged in all sizes.
Here is a list of apples and their uses.

Caramel Apples:  An old time favorite–each weekend we use crisp, specially selected locally grown apples, wash them, hand stick them, dip them in hot caramel, roll them in granulated peanuts and let them cool before we wrap them in a protective cellophane wrap.

Cider Doughnuts:  Once you catch the aroma of these cider doughnuts as you enter the drive or the building, you can’t resist.  We make them fresh each Saturday and Sunday.

Vinegar:  We could not be more pleased with the vinegar in our barrels.  We age our apple cider vinegar in oak barrels, which produces the most full-bodied and naturally nutrient-rich cider vinegar. You will find the natural “Mother of vinegar” developing over time in the bottle. The taste of this vinegar is bright, smooth and fruity. Our cider vinegar is also sold at Quarry Hill Orchards, Ohio City Provisions, K&K Portage Market, Or Email us for vinegar outside of our regular season at